Life Drawing Homework - Semester 2

Drawing Hands!

This task was a lot more fun than I had originally anticipated, when I had started out with drawing, I had did my best to avoid  them, so when I heard that we were covering this topic in class, I thought I would fail miserably. However through class I followed a few methods to help me simplify the anatomy of the hand, much like I had done previously with sketching the feet. I would start off by drawing the palm of the hand, separating both that and the thumb, the with spheres and lines, I could distinguish how to draw the fingers. Another method I found best worked alongside this task was actually blocking out the shape of the hand with a number of squares before going on and trying to draw the actual thing. I love to use a website that helps immensely with gesture drawing called ‘’ and in this, they have a section which shows images for a limited time. For example, I had selected to be shown random images of hands to draw, you can choose whether or not you would like to be timed, and then you can move onto the next image. This saved a lot of time when doing this homework and allowed me to burn out as many exciting looking poses as I could attempt.


((Website Link – ))


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