Reflective Statement

Semester 2 Life Drawing – Self Reflection

Life drawing has completely changed the way in which I draw, even from first semester I have gained a lot of experience in how to approach drawing as a whole, especially in terms of the construction of my character designs. I found that before hand when it came to anatomy, I focused too much on the parts of which the body is made up, more so than reflecting on how it moves, taking into consideration movement and exaggeration and applying it from an animation stand point.

From what I have learned from both semesters I have hopefully unravelled more ways to make my designs more appealing and functional, especially in such a collaborative environment. It is not only up to me whether or not I like my designs and I find them easy to draw, but also if it can be replicated by other artists in multiple frames. Specifically in the task regarding the 12 principals of animation and not only applying these to the character we were tasked to create, but other numerous aspects of what we have uncovered throughout both semesters of life drawing. What I have considered this year most importantly is form and weight, learning how to place a character from a point in perspective, understanding how physics can give believability and dimension to my work.  When critiquing some of my older pieces, I can definitely see its lack of dimensionality, causing it to look flat and uninteresting. My references from understanding form not only derived from my time in life drawing class, but also from external sources that were recommended to us by our lecturer and online resources that I found useful. Such as the ‘Animators Survival Kit’ (Richard Williams, 2001), especially the section that discusses how the distribution of weight can effect a character’s form, balance and the anticipation of weight. This was most important to my character design, considering how heavy I wanted my mech to look in contrast to the tiny pilot.

I really enjoyed discovering what it takes to make a character appealing and the many approaches you can follow to exaggerate a character’s personality through their, posture, gesture, etc. When creating my character I tried to make the overall appearance personal to me and my experiences, what I love in character design and how I could replicate it. That is why I found it easier to figure out how my character should look after roughing out a few thumbnails,  and planning out the overall essence I wanted to reflect. With my character, I also thought it was important to stress the work we had done previously throughout the year, just to prove to myself I could put these elements into practice. Hence why I had referred back to lessons and homework’s such as the dynamic of drawing hands, making them the primary feature of my character. In a way I wanted to show, like with life drawing, how it has helped me to overcome challenges I had faced within my drawings and improved not only my skills but also my thought process.


Images – Lessons regarding hands

((Example implementing anticipation and force, as well as what I have learned into my design ))


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