Module Reflection

Module Reflection

The vast amount I have learned about 3D in general in such a short space of time is incredible, and we’re only scratching the surface of Maya and it’s capabilities. I do feel as if I have shown some improvement from the beginning of the semester, finding difficulty in modelling a buoy, to now being able to sculpt a head model, or contribute to a floating city.  I initially did have my struggles in regards to Maya, and I still have such a long way to go before I feel even remotely confident with 3D software. However the weekly exercises to help us ease into modelling, animating and rigging has been greatly beneficial. It appears that with every new task, I learn something that I have never known before, and find my basic skills developing over time. With this module, I felt thrown into the deep end with the numerous challenging tasks, at first it seemed daunting, for example, making a floating city with my basic understanding of modelling. Surprisingly, with these challenges, it helped me to improve faster, learning what I wanted to make more so than just following a step by step guide.

I found that I wasn’t only gaining from my own experiences with 3D, but the experiences of others as well, we all have individual obstacles that someone else may have encountered before. I find that such a collaborative environment is extremely beneficial within this module, if I were to overcome these tasks alone, I don’t feel as if I would learned as much.

In conclusion, despite my many mistakes and blunders within Maya, I do have a more positive outlook regarding 3D animation, and my love of the industry has grown and spanned from just 2D confines.


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